Alison Friedlander

3D Printing

Shapeways Material Info

If you're thinking about ordering a ring from my website or Etsy Shop and had questions about any of the materials, I created a writeup for each of the material's I've printed with basic info about the materials that should hopefully answer most questions you have. 

If you still have more questions after reading the profile, feel free to contact me :)

My History with 3D Printing

Started researching 3d printing in junior year of college because ace rings.

A year later, I started ordering prototypes on Shapeways which lead to a giant monstrosity of a thing that happened...

Now I own my own FDM 3D printer (Creality CR-10) which I use to ptototype and produce an assortment of products to sell.

I'm looking into getting a resin printer so I can make proper miniatures and other things that require a finer level of detail.