Alison Friedlander


Power head covers!

In preparation for my NEW CLOWNFISH (which should be coming tomorrow… The anticipation is killing me) I’ve made some real-person covers for my power heads that are providing flow in my tank so they don’t eat the fish.

It took me 3 attempts to get one that fits perfectly. The one above is the second attempt where the little clamp arms are too long… For the next one (I have two power heads) I shortened the back ends a bit and for this one, I just tied it securely onto the back with some mono-filament.

Don’t judge me – I’m impatient and I hate wasting time/plastic for something that’s otherwise totally functional XD

One day, I’m going to figure out how to measure stuff so I don’t need to do 3 versions of stuff until I get it right. My problem isn’t building things to scale or to measurements – I’ve been doing that effectively as a living since I graduated college, but I’m REALLY bad at measuring weirdly shaped items like this pump. It’s not even that weird shaped, but somehow everything I need to measure ends up being covered in salt water and dripping everywhere while I fumble around with my measuring tank.

One thing I might do if I somehow end up with a bunch of anemones (which have a tendency to wander around the tank and get stuck in pumps) is throw some screen mesh between the power head and the plastic thing. There’s just enough space where I think it would fit…


Oh, and the bit where the water gets shot out from the pump looks terrible because of all the support material and I don’t care! If I ever decided to sell these, I’d fix it, but I just want these done and having the ugly bit on this doesn’t detract much overall from the bright orange blob of terror that’s hanging out in my tank… I’m really regretting printing all this crap in orange – it’s horrifying.

Either way, these fit the power heads pretty securely and do their job, so I’ll have to content myself for printing these in black or perhaps a sand color that matches the rocks once these degrade and I get some ABS to print the stuff for my tanks…

Update as of 6/15/18: I ended up clipping off basically the entire front piece of this because it was restricting water flow too much. So far nothing has been sucked into the power heads...