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Dragon Bone Dagger - High Detail File Pack for 3D Printing

Dragon Bone Dagger - High Detail File Pack for 3D Printing


Models Included:

1: Three ready to print versions of the dagger (1 without extra texturing; 2 versions with additional texturing that makes dry-brushing/painting easier)

2: All the individual pieces of all versions of the dagger that can be recombined to create the dagger of your dreams (4 Blades, 4 Handles, 3 Versions of all metal components of the dagger, 2 versions of metal rivets and swirl)

Also Included:

1: File key (there's a lot of individual files)

2: A small text file with links to informational videos about cutting the models apart for printing as well as building your own dagger from the included files

3: Images of each textured dagger after printing and painting (I'll update the v02 dagger pics after I paint the metal texture)

File Format:


File Size:

Zip file is 123 mb

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Please note:

-- Due to the variety of printer sizes, the files don't come pre-sliced. You'll need to split the piece yourself before you print it.

-- Files don't have blunted tips, but can be easily sanded after printing

-- I've successfully printed each version of the dagger on my own CR-10 (.2mm layer height) and painted so you can see how the textures show up. Images are also used in this listing.

-- Files will slice in Cura (my slicer of choice). Other slicers haven't been tested. If you have issues in a given slicer, please contact me and I'll tweak the files as needed.

-- Due to the nature of the product, I can't accept returns for this product.

FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY. NOT FOR COMMERCIAL PRINTING. PLEASE DO NOT POST/SELL OR DISTRIBUTE THE FILES ANYWHERE. Models can be modified/re-combined as needed, but please don't distribute or sell the derivative versions either.


Number of Verticies / Faces:

Low poly: 83,066 verts / 16,632 tris

Textured Version 01: 4,608,173 verts / 4,578,813 tris

Textured Version 02: 974,853 verts / 1,949,706 tris

Rotatable version of one of the textured versions of the dagger: