Alison Friedlander

3D Printable Files

Unsullied Helmet- 3D Printable Files

Unsullied Helmet- 3D Printable Files


Models Included:

1: 2 slightly different versions of the whole helmet that can be printed as a solid piece (except the ear flaps which can be attached in post).

2: All separate pieces of the helmet that can be printed individually and attached together to articulate.

File Format:


Model Information:

-- You can see a rotatable preview of the model here:

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Please note:

-- Due to the variety of printer sizes, the files don't come pre-sliced. You'll need to split the piece yourself before you print it and add any support holes you need

FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY. NOT FOR COMMERCIAL PRINTING. PLEASE DO NOT POST/SELL OR DISTRIBUTE THE FILES ANYWHERE. Models can be modified/re-combined as needed, but please don't distribute or sell the derivative versions either.


A rotatable version of keyblade can be found here:

Number of Vertices / Faces:

~276,000 verts

~277,000 faces

More Info about the ‘Fancy’ Eyes

The model in Sketchfab (above) reflects the ideal of how the eyes would turn out. The idea was to basically create a giant glass eye that could be added into the sword.

I’ve included separate models for irises (big & small) that can be printed and then cast into a resin mold (which I’ve included files for as well, though they’d need significant post processing to get a nice finish). These cast resin eyes should then fit into holes I’ve punched into the sword itself.

I haven’t tested any of this, but I included the files in case anyone else wanted to play with it. If you do test it and have pictures of the results, I’d love to see them. Suggestions about improving the eye models are also welcome.