Alison Friedlander


I made a head...

I’ve been working on this caricature of myself for grins and so I have a consistent model to test different paints and finishes on and I decided to randomly paint one of the prototypes I had and this is the result:


Apparently everything I touch turns into something out of a Tim Burton film, but that’s seems to be my style… I really dig the under eye bags in pretty much all of my work…

When I was in college I had multiple people tell me they could always tell me which models were mine even if they didn’t have my name on them, which I took as a sign I was a decent enough modeler to develop and maintain a style.

I also didn’t finish the head before painting it, so you can see all the layer lines of the print everywhere. I did sand off some little saggy bits under the nose and ears (I printed this without supports and the angle was a bit extreme, but I really do hate supports), but that was as much post processing as I did to this thing. Couple that with the cheap acrylic paint I was using drying out half way through painting and leaving blobs everywhere makes for a kind of weird finish, but it’s not as noticeable in person as it is in the picture.

The whole piece is 60mm tall and was printed with a .1mm layer height.

Either way, painting the head made me a) appreciate how much better things look when they’re not bright shiny orange and b) realize how much I miss doing more ‘crafty’ things like painting this kind of thing.


I’ve never painted miniatures before, but it was super fun. I also have a newfound respect for people who work for Laika painting all their stop motion heads… Mad respect.

In the future, I’ll probably end up painting more of the little heads I print for things. It’s fun and good practice as I hope to get into making and producing miniatures in the near future (part of my schemes to diversify the things I do with 3d printing).

I think I also want to experiment with products that one could paint onto a 3d print to fill in print lines without the need for so much sanding, so stay tuned for that once I have some more money